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Emmanuel Lutheran Church,

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Knippa, Texas 78870



Pastor Nathan Lafrenz 830.)719.2082 nlafrenz11@att.net

God is Great! GO IN PEACE AND SERVE THE LORD YOU’RE ALWAYS WELCOME Sunday service worship 9:30 Bible study 10:45!
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Membership in a local church was never a priority of Jesus.  We want to take our cue from Jesus. It is our desire that a visitor become involved in activities and ministries of the church as quickly and as easily as possible.

 In fact, most of the activities of the church are available to a person without ever joining as a member of the church.  Whether you are a guest, or someone who regularly attends, or a member, what is most important is that you are an intentional follower of Jesus.

Some people use the word, disciple, which means someone who intentionally commits to learning and growing by receiving truth and living it. A disciple takes responsibility for his or her own spiritual growth. 

 This is done by putting yourself under good, practical biblical teaching; developing your personal disciplines (prayer, Bible reading, worship, etc.); and involving yourself in personal ministry (putting what you learn into practice, even when you feel unqualified and inadequately gifted, by serving God).

The reason to become a member is to declare that you are committed to the mission of the church and that you are ready to step up to a consistent participation and support. Your consistent participation and support then also qualifies you to be eligible for elected leadership.

If you would like to know more about how to become a member, contact the pastor.  .

How do I become a Member of Emmanuel Lutheran Church?