Emmanuel Lutheran CHURCH

Emmanuel Lutheran Church,

250 South FM 1049

Knippa, Texas 78870



Pastor Nathan Lafrenz 830.)719.2082 nlafrenz11@att.net

God is Great! GO IN PEACE AND SERVE THE LORD YOU’RE ALWAYS WELCOME Sunday service worship 9:30 Bible study 10:45!
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- Baptism is a sacrament, a sign of the agreement, the covenant, between God and a person.  In love God offers forgiveness, abundant life and eternal life in Jesus Christ.  In faith we receive the gift in all its richness.

In that same faith (trust) we come ourselves or bring our child to receive baptism as a seal of the gift of what God offers.  The water is the physical sign empowered by God's word of promise that declares the good news in Jesus, that is, our sins are washed away, our guilt is lifted and that by grace through faith we have been received as a child of God.

We baptize infants and we baptize adults. As adults we believe in Christ with our own understanding and in infant baptism we cover our children with our faith until he or she can make the confession of faith in confirmation.

 If you desire baptism for yourself or for your child, please call the office and ask for the pastor.

How do I get baptized?