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About Us Our History Greetings. We are Iron Knee Video. Iron Knee Video  and Entertainment. represent s a group of artists,  and subject matter  experts  whose  mission  is to stay one step ahead   of the future. Well done is better                   than well said.


created initially to support an educational segment of The Partnership Institute, LLC called 101Train.

This company specializes in distance education design and delivery. Iron Knee Video supports animation, web based instruction, video, gaming and more.

Our expanded expertise in educational video has lead us to the development of our commercial capabilities.  

Per customer request, we now can provide commercial services in web, television, video on demand channels, and even theater productions.

We utilize industry standard post production equipment. Adobe Premiere, and After Effects are our primary software applications.

Video is formatted for a variety of platforms including Digital Cinema Packaging for theaters who use 2K or 4K digital projectors.

Web production may include interactive video through adobe flash elements.

We are a diverse group of professionals who understand the many perspectives that it takes to reach your clientele.

Imagination and realistic scenarios coupled with humor, awe, and of course irony are our foundation.

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