ApplicationX2 FREQUENCYApplicationEVENTSApplication30 SEC. ADSApplicationPSARead the agreement below, and then select  the TV to activate the online application for your preferred service.Application

I agree to allow a commercial to be produced for my business and placed in SPIPI.TV system to include video on demand, cell phone app, social media, and website. In return we will place a television in our business with Roku access and agree to play the SPIPI.TV looping video throughout our normal business hours. There are no other costs to be in the network other than specified below.

We will provide pictures, and/or video or a commercial that we already have. The free commercial will be limited to 15 seconds, and will play in order with all other commercials. has sole rights to commercial they develop. If I do not like the commercial, I can choose to pay for one to be created by Iron Knee Video, hire another entity, or request to remove my business from the system. If I create my own commercial SPIPI.TV has the rights to refuse the commercial for any reason without cause. It is understood that another advertiser may pay for additional commercial time to include up to 30 second commercial, or more frequent rotations.

30 second commercials or x2 rotations are played at a rate of $100 per month with a one year contract. Event advertisements are played for

up to two weeks at a cost of $400.00. Public Service Announcements in duration and frequency are placed up the discretion of at

no cost.

Play video for more information.

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