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A Community channel brings the communications of the future to local neighborhoods today. Video on demand is where the urban area is going, but can be the immediate solution for the rural area. Cities, counties, or even large neighborhoods that struggle to get their information out to the community will benefit from this product.

The structure for a community channel is created by allowing everyone to become a videographer in the community. They shoot their video, load it into a public video storage like YouTube, and enter the information requested into our ticket system, which can be accessed from our main page under the icon named update.

Examples of video content can include local sports, political events, non-profit events, church services, classified ads, meetings, free public domain movies, cartoons, and more.

This service is usually free to the community with the exception of classified ads, and is paid for by a local municipality or entity, which is interested in enhancing the communications of the community.

Now grandma can watch her grandson play football from three states away through her TV.

Iron Streams from Iron Knee Video. If you’re not using video. You’re not advertising.